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Sunday Funday Salads

I know its sort of strange to be posting a blog about salads on Sunday morning, late September, when the weather is gloomy….but I have been LOVING a good salad lately! And to make this post a little more different than the others, I will be posting about two salads.

I thought it would be cool to share a salad I had at a local eatery while also sharing one that I made at home. Both are simple, vegetarian and Oh so good! Lets start talking about the Greenwich Village Salad I had at AJ’s Pizzeria in Manhattan Kansas (Lets go Wildcats!)












This is a perfect weekend  lunch spot on a nice day. It has a covered outdoor patio area, quiet, cheap, kid friendly, dog friendly (On Wednesday evenings so I hear), and offers beer on tap!

I am a sucker for outside seating in combo with a good crisp beer so this is a top choice for me.

Side note: I am sure you are finding it strange I did not order pizza, at a Pizza place- but I assure you I have MANY times and its beyond fantastic.

We will chat about pizza another day!

The salad as listed on the menu comes with romaine, strawberries, feta, sunflower seeds and vinagrette dressing.

I did however ask for them to add cucumbers to mine because I love extra veggies. The salad comes with garlic butter knots and of course, I ordered a Bud light on draft.

As you see above, the salad is simple and healthy. You could easily make this at home. It cost me $6.99 for the salad here at AJ’s. Not bad because it was the large size. I’m sure making it at home would be a bit cheaper, but its hard to pass up the atmosphere of this place.

If you are ever in Manhattan, KS- I’d love to give you some tips for other fun places to eat at.

Lets shift gears and talk about my homemade salad. I have not really thought about a name, but its a vegetarian version of a breaded chicken salad. nothing fancy, but it pleased my three years palate. Thats a win in my book!

The good thing about salads it that they are SO customizable. You can add extras and take away the things you don’t like. My salads tend to be a bit more full than most. I love toppings!

I think to keep food waste minimal, its good to search the fridge and pantry and see what you already have and create a leftover food salad. I guarantee you will find it satisfying to save money and eat healthy.

This Vegetarian Chicken Salad ingredients are-

Salads are fun to make with your kids too. My toddler and I had fun preparing the salad together. I would cut and dice and she would add to the bowl and mix together. Its fun for them to see and feel fresh, colorful vegetables. East Peasy Steps-

  • Rinse, cut up and add all of the veggies in a large bowl. I try to use only local or organic vegetables. Look for farmers markets or sales at your local grocery stores.
  • Cook the patties either oven, stove top or microwave as directed on box. I used the microwave this time and they came out good.
  • Dice up the patties, and then add to the bowl with the croutons and dressing. Make sure these are the last things you add. I am not a fan of soggy croutons or lettuce.
  • Stir until everything is lightly coated with dressing. (or have a handy little helper mix, mine loved it!)
  • Enjoy!

***This makes enough for 2 HUGE adult size servings. I had two bowls, my three year old had a kiddo size and we still had another serving left over***

I estimated this to cost about $6.00 to make in total. I used coupons for the Quorn patties, dressing and croutons. I had leftover carrots and tomatoes in the fridge while the rest was from the local Saturday farmers market.

When I eat healthy, calorie counting is not as important to me- so I am not sure of the nutritional value. But you can Google just about everything!

Until next time- Eat to live, don’t live to eat!

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