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Vegetarian Cornbread Chili Pie

I suppose its that time of year to start talking about comfort fall food. Winter is coming and we all like to enjoy hearty dishes when its cool out. I promise there is more out there than hot chili (with corn bread of course) to comfort your soul.

This recipe is fairly new to me. About 5 months ago was the first time I made the cornbread chili pie. Usually I make a southwest type quinoa casserole, or the same old veggie chili. And then it occurred to me, lets combine them- add more veggies for nourishment, and add some sort of carb to it so my three year old and husband would like it better!

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I have made this only two times at this point, and the first time was better than the second. But it was the difference of the corn bread mix I used. If you are feeling ambitious, use your own corn bread recipe. I however, prefer to use the boxed kind. We all have our faults! 🙂

I know you want to make this delicious, healthy and hearty meal, so lets start!

Here are the ingredients you will need-

1 small chopped onion

2-3 TBL minced garlic

2 TBL cumin

1 TBL chili powder

2 t coriander

1 t salt & 1 t pepper

1 TBL Italian type herbs

2 cups chopped carrots

1 cup chopped bell pepper ( I like the red ones)

1 cup corn kernels ( fresh or frozen)

2 cans of drained black beans

1 regular size can of tomato sauce. I use the one that has Italian seasonings in it.

1 can drained diced tomatoes. ( I like the one that has green chilis in it. I also only use half of a can because the members of my household prefer little or no cooked tomatoes)

Oil for sautéed veggies

Corn bread boxed mix or homemade mix ( The best version of my own was with Maria Calendars corn bread mix. I also use almond milk in place of regular in all recipes. To make the recipe vegan, please make cornbread with vegan sub’s like chia or flax egg or egg replacer)

Here is the process- (Finally!!)

  • Turn oven on 375 degrees.
  • Saute’ the onion and garlic with some oil in a large pan stove top (on med high) until the onion starts to turn clear
  • Add the bell pepper and the carrots and saute’ for a few minutes
  • Pour in the can of tomato sauce and the  drained diced tomatoes (see notes above on the diced tomatoes) and add all the herbs and seasonings one at time while gently stirring in between. Turn stove on low simmer at this point for about 30 minutes until it reduces to a chili like thickness and the veggies are getting a little soft.








  • Add the 2 drained cans of black beans and the corn.
  • Taste test! If it needs more salt, add 1 teaspoon at a time. I wouldn’t add a lot, because more flavor comes out while baking.
  • Add the veggie chili mix to a  large baking dish, similar to a 9 x 13. Set aside. The pan I use is probably an inch smaller, and it works fine. Plus its a pretty blue!
  • Prepare cornbread mix as directed by box or use your own recipe. Please comment with your own cornbread recipe if it works great with this one! I would love to hear them.
  • Evenly spread the corn bread mixture on top of the chili mix and bake according to cornbread bake time. Mine took about 45 minutes. I advise to check often and make sure the corn bread batter is cooked throughly before removing from oven. The second time I made, the batter was a little undercook in the middle.
  • When done, enjoy!!!! And no, I am not sure of the nutritional value or calories, but I know its pretty darn healthy! Picky eaters will rejoice 🙂

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