BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse PROUDLY presented me with Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos!

How many of you have been to BJ’s Brewhouse before? I was in Oklahoma City for a work conference ( yes again! ) and had a little time to thoroughly check out their menu while sitting at the bar.

I must admit that the menu was quite intimidating, there are SO many options, but a lot of options on a menu is a vegetarians dream!

I thought I would end up getting a salad, and then to my surprise I saw Cauliflower tacos and pitas. Who can pass us up vegetarian barbicoa?

I chatted with the bartender for a bit and she said the cauliflower dishes were amazing. She also suggested a few beer samples to enjoy with the meal.

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In a nut shell here is the menu description of what I ordered-

Roasted barbacoa cauliflower | roasted red peppers | corn | jack and cheddar cheese | yellow onions | diced tomatoes | Greek yogurt crema | cilantro | chargrilled pita | seasonal bistro grains on the side 650 calories

The pita bread was warm, soft, and fluffy.  The cauliflower was chopped up into small pieces coated in barbacoa seasoning.  The cream was light and cool, the cheese was freshly grated, and the bistro grains was nothing short of a delicious cold quinoa salad. The bistro salad made the perfect companion for the bold cauliflower dish.


* I have to say, this has been one of my favorite vegetarian food choices from a restaurant*

It’s also sad because I don’t have a BJ’s Brewery in my local area, however that may be a good thing as I would end spending all my money here all eating way too much!

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Oh, lets not forget about the beer. I sampled the Blonde and the Midsummer Ale. Both beers were very good. They reminded me of summer. A sit on the beach, under the hot sun type of beers. I wanted something a little bit more bold today. The restaurant had a cool, dim feeling to it so I ended up going with a red ale:


Irish-style Ale
7.30% ABV(Most recent award: 2016 North American Beer Awards, Bronze – Hybrid Style Beers)

The red ale to my surprise was better than expected! While I may not be a beer connoisseur I do enjoy a good craft beer. This particular one was very smooth, slightly hoppy, slightly sweet, and just about perfect as far as red beers go. This is a MUST TRY.

Lets touch a little on price. The dish itself was $8.95, and the beer was $4.95 for the large. That location also gives a ten percent military discount. The prices are decent, and I honestly would have paid more because it was very unique and flavorful. Don’t believe me, give it a try!

Next time I would like to say I would try something new, but probably not. Until next time, eat healthy and be happy!



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