Starbucks Verismo System Review

~What a great day to enjoy a great cup of coffee~

I wanted to talk about probably one of my most favorite things-coffee! Originally I was going to chat about home brewed coffee, and talk about one of the local coffee shops, but I now deciding to focus on the coffee I just made.

Right now as we speak I am enjoying a cup of Sumatra Blend from Starbucks from my home Verismo Machine. I usually drink my coffee black, but every now and then I’ll make or order a latte or chai tea. Yummy!

I don’t think I have met anyone else that owns the Verismo Coffee and Espresso maker. But I can tell you, based on my experience, that it’s a million times better than the Keurig. When we had the Keurig machine, I also thought the coffee was extra watered down and it I wanted a stronger cup of coffee, and it usually turned out to be like 6 ounces! I don’t know about you, but I like a good 12 or 16 ounces of coffee.

I mean, don’t get me wrong-the Keurig every now and then made a good cup of coffee. But it was far and few. There had to be more than coffee shops, regular coffee makers and Keurigs!




I found the Verismo while grabbing a soy latte at a local Starbucks. They were doing demonstrations. So I watched the barista make me latte on the home Verismo. It was easy, fast and tasted JUST LIKE what I ordered in stores. Plus at the time they had a deal I got a free milk frother and two boxes of pods, AND I got extra points on the Starbucks card to get like 6 free drinks!

Win for sure. I honestly cannot remember the exact price at the time, but I think it was on sale for $140.00. Plus, I also justified the purchase because I was going to go home and sell the Keurig on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. I LOVE selling my stuff to buy better things. I see it as a way to own one really good thing and not a bunch of mediocre things.

(Here is my black Sumatra coffee brewed by the Verismo. It still kind of steams the top of the coffee giving the first sip a frothy taste. Very good!)

Positives of the Verismo System-

    • Stronger, full-bodied coffee
    • The regular coffee brew coffee option brews a LARGE cup of coffee instead of the watered down 6 or 8 ounce that the Keurig does.
    • You can make lattes, cappuccino and other fancy drinks because of the milk frother
    • Ummm…the milk frother/steamer! I use Almond or Soy milk, and its AMAZING!
    • It makes shots of espresso!!!
    • You can program the machine to change the amount of the coffee or espresso it brews. Pretty cool if you want your standard cup to be more or less.
    • Stylish, minimal design.
    • Tastes JUST like what you get In store at Starbucks.

Negatives of the Verismo System-

          • Pods are pricey. I wouldn’t say any more or less than Keurig. But still a little pricey.
          • The machine itself cost more than a few other similar competitors. But honestly, not too bad.

        I think my next coffee purchase will be a pour over coffee maker. Yet again, something simple. Does anyone have any suggestions for a minimal pour over? I like the style of the one shown below.

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        Time to enjoy another cup of coffee and get ready for the day! 


    Kona Coffee

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