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Rock and Brew’s Gluten Free Strawberry Field Salad

Lets chat a little bit about Rock and Brews famous Strawberry Fields Salad. And honestly, I am not sure its “famous”, but it was featured that day.

I was in Oklahoma City for a conference and the six of us decided this would be a cool place to go.  I absolutely love music. I also happen to love food too. What better option than to enjoy both at the same place!

Rock and Brew’s locations has a lot of music memorabilia on the walls, pics, and a cool rock and roll vibe. At this OKC location there was a huge TV screen on the wall playing music videos. I might have heard some Black Sabbath that night along with some other rad 70’s and 80’s songs.

Its also a plus that one of my team members knows the guy who helps design the inside of these restaurants.  Pretty cool huh?!

The menu surprisingly has a good amount of options that can vegetarians or vegans can pick from. However, this one had a pretty picture on the menu. Like it was on showcase calling my name to order it.  I am a sucker for a pretty food pic too.









I happen to love fruit, and I love salad so what a cool idea to combine them! I know lots of places do it, and I hope we can chat later one about them too.

The menu description of this salad is-

Strawberry Fields
Baby Greens – Strawberries – Avocado – Cucumbers – Red
Onions – Candied Walnuts – Feta Cheese – Lemon Pepper
Vinaigrette $11.95

(I removed the onions though… to each his own)

I really liked the portion size, and the freshness of the ingredients. Sometimes salad leaves are wilting, or the toppings don’t look to great. But as you see in the pic above, the salad is nicely presented. Oh and also…look at the amount of avocado I got! I mean really…scroll back up and look 🙂

I was an exceptional salad. My only personal suggestion was to swap out the lemon dressing for a regular balsamic, I LOVE a good balsamic! The lemon one was fine, but I wanted a little kick to my salad.

Next time I am going to try the Margheritaville Pizza. That was my second choice and probably better paired with a cold brew.

AND last but not least, lets not forget about the beer choice. Because yes, I love beer, even if its with a salad!

After wasting too much time looking over the beer menu I decided on the Key Lime Pie beer by Tallgrass Brewing Company.
I thought it was cool they had that on tap. Not a lot of places offer beers on tap from Tallgrass. After all, I do live in Manhattan Kansas so I pretty much had to order it. And you will learn later I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Key Lime. It was seriously limey and refreshing!

~Until next time, go ahead and enjoy a local beer! I would love to hear what your fav is~

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