Panda Express

Panda Time!

I wanted to share a recent experience I had at Panda Express. I typically don’t go there often, not because I don’t like it, but because up until a few months back, we didn’t have one here in Manhattan, KS.

Plus, I remember some time back Panda Express stated they had no Vegetarian options.   I was simply not going to accept that! If you sell vegetables, you have a Vegetarian option! I always tell my friends and family I can find a meat free option ANYWHERE I go. Feeling slightly frugal these days because I have been trying to pay off debt to live a more simple life, I didn’t want to go to a sit down restaurant. (But I am pretty sure all my money goes to food anyways) Voila! Brand new Panda Express here I come!

Let’s break down what is available to order as a Vegetarian from Panda Express:

-White rice, brown rice, fried rice (not for the vegan because of eggs) chow mien (noodles), mixed vegetables, and the spring rolls- Update: My husband recently saw they now have a tofu eggplant dish! I AM SO excited to try this and when I do I will tell you ALL about it! I would love to hear your options if you guys have already tried that.

I decided on a bowl, and asked for the bottom half to be brown rice, the top half to be veggies and a side of teriyaki sauce to pour on top. And a water to drink. Water is free! Who can say no to free!

The kind girl who rang me up said it was cheaper to ring it up as a large side, instead of a bowl, considering everything I ordered was technically a “side”. That saved me like $3 or $4.00.

What you see below came out to be around $4.00!!!!

And might I add it was FANTASTIC!

*My suggestions would to ask for fresh veggies, takes about 3 minutes. And definitely order the sauce to put in top. If you’re military or student they should give you a discount too*

And if you’re extra hungry the spring rolls are great too! My 3 year old toddler eats them up!

For the calorie counters out there-

Panda Express’s website also allows you to count calories and nutrition, if that’s your thing.

Panda Express

Invite your friends, maybe offer to pay for it (you don’t have to tell them you got it so cheap!) and don’t forget the fortune cookies!


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